AfroChicano Press® is a niche press dedicated to preserving stories told by people who speak from intersectional experiences of race, class, culture, gender, and sexuality.  AfroChicano Press® advocates self-representation and promotes literature that explores the self as subject within a sociocultural context.


Ordinary people telling extraordinary stories.


To tell our own stories and help others tell theirs.


We believe everyone has a story worth telling.

We believe the personal stories of our lives intersect with the universal stories of human experience.

We believe individuals can tell their own stories, from their own perspectives, and in their own voices.

We believe authors/scholars can collaborate with individuals who desire support expressing their stories and that collaboration can be achieved in a manner that maintains the subject’s individual power.

AfroChicano Press® is committed to high quality literature whose production and sale positively impacts authors, readers, the local community and the world.


AfroChicano Press was launched in December of 2008 and published its first offering, Glass Closet, in 2009. In 2012, AfroChicano Press grew to include programmatic offerings, such as regular writing workshops and retreats, including its signature workshop “Write to Heal.” In 2017, Friends of AfroChicano Press, a nonprofit, was established to support AfroChicano Press’ practice of a “gift economy,” where workshops, readings and retreats are offered as a “gift” to participants because friends, supporters and past participants have generously contributed to sustain our work and make our programs accessible to all.