“Write to Heal” Journal Instructions

  • Write a minimum of 20 minutes a day for four consecutive days.

  • Write about something extremely personal and important to you.

  • Write continuously.  Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling and grammar.

  • Write only for yourself.  If necessary, destroy or hide what you write.

  • If writing about a certain event will push you over the edge, write about something else.

  • It is normal to feel saddened or down after this type of writing.  The last prompt helps to prevent this.  If you still feel low, know this feeling usually goes away in an hour or two.

“Gratitude” Journal Instructions

  • Keep a “gratitude” journal to remember the gifts, grace, benefits and good things you enjoy.

  • Make time to write daily, preferably toward the end of the day, but before you are too sleepy to remember the day accurately.

  • Date every entry.

  • Don’t be afraid to remember the bad if it surfaces while writing. When you acknowledge how far you have come, you set up an explicit contrast in your mind and this contrast is fertile ground for gratefulness.

  • In gratitude, do not focus on how inherently good you are.  Instead, focus on the inherently good things that others have done on your behalf.  Connect your gratitude to people you are grateful for instead of things.

  • Don’t worry about repeating things.  This writing builds a muscle and we learn to recognize more and more opportunities for gratitude.

“Daily” Journal Instructions

  • Keep a journal.

  • Make time to write.

  • Write regularly.

  • Date every entry.

  • Tell yourself the truth.