Friends of AfroChicano Press is a nonprofit group that creates supportive writing communities for people of all backgrounds and ages.  We create spaces for people to write stories, hear stories, and tell stories. 


Our goal is to inspire others to write, to value their voice and to share their stories.  We accomplish our goal through:

  • Writing circles that create local writing communities and provide spaces for regular practice.
  • Readings where writers share their work and promote learning, community dialogue and intellectual inquiry.
  • Writing retreats that offer inspiration, practice and networking.


AfroChicano Press is experimenting with a "gift economy," where the workshops, readings and retreats we offer are a gift.  To sustain our work, we welcome your generous contributions.  Your contributions allow us to offer our programs free of charge and to remain a positive force for change in the community.

Whether its $20 or $20,000, every contribution is appreciated and will be put to good use.  Friends of AfroChicano Press' tax ID is 82-2528646.

Our Wish List:

  • Space to hold workshops, readings and retreats
  • Writing supplies- i.e., logoed pens and journals for participants
  • Honorariums to pay speakers/presenters/workshop facilitators
  • Fees to advertise events
  • Fees for graphic artists
  • Volunteers



Write to Heal is a very special meet-up. Robert, the facilitator, provides a comfortable space, supportive environment, and presents an array of writing topics or prompts allowing participants to take pen to paper. The beauty found in this process is that each writer has the ability to go deep, access thoughts and emotions which they may have not thought about, forgot, or never realized were present. Even more magical is when members of the group read their work aloud (sharing your work is optional). It is in this space when group members connect, realize they are not alone, remember we all have similar struggles, and feel the same joy, pain, and sadness. This is when the healing happens. I have been a member of the group for roughly a year and Write to Heal was the lifeline I needed.
Thank you for creating and maintaining this group, Robert, and to everyone who attends. I was so inspired after attending tonight, I wrote another two pages.