AfroChicano/a/x Selfies and Personal Stories Project



The purpose of this research is to understand the AfroChicano/a/x experience within the United States.  AfroChicanos/as are people of mixed African American and Mexican American ancestry.  This project encourages AfroChicanos/as to represent themselves through a "selfie" (photo) and a personal story (bio).  The results of this research may impact the understanding of identity amongst people who live within and across multiple ethnicities.


Anyone of mixed African American and Mexican American heritage over the age of 18 can participate.  You don’t have to identify as AfroChicano/a/x.  There are many ways people of mixed African American and Mexican American heritage self-identify, including multiracially (such as Blaxican or Afromestizo/a) or monoracially (such as African American, Black, Mexican American, or Chicano/a/x).

Note: individuals under the age of 18 can participate provided an assent form and a parental consent form are signed in-person.


Participants in this study may benefit from the self-reflection required to think and write about their own identity and experience.  Additionally, participants will contribute to the collective understanding of multiethnic and multiracial identity.


Submit a "selfie" and personal story (Click here to make your submission).

  • This is not a photography contest. It’s an opportunity for AfroChicanos/as to represent themselves using photography and personal stories.
  • Participation is limited to individuals 18 years of age or older, unless an assent form and parental consent form are signed in-person for individuals under the age of 18.
  • Each participant should submit ONLY 1 "selfie."  Send the one "selfie" you feel represents who you are.
  • The file name of the photograph name should include the participant's name, date and the specific location where the picture was taken (for example, robertquintanahopkins_10.29.14_mybackyard).

  • Write a bio that answers the following question— tell me about your experience being AfroChicano.  You are free to tell me anything you think is important for me to know about your experience.
  • This is an ongoing research project.  There is currently no deadline for submission.
  • Participation in this research is voluntary.  
  • By submitting your entry, you admit that you are the only and rightful owner of the photograph and you allow Robert Quintana Hopkins to use the photo and personal story as part of this research project.
  • The results of this research may be presented at academic conferences, published in journal articles, used in dissertation research or shared in public venues.


Contact Robert via email at robert@afrochicanopress.com or via phone at 510-899-9753


Robert Quintana Hopkins was born in Los Angeles to a Mexican American mother and an African American father.  He is pursuing a PhD in Organizational Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.  His dissertation is an action research project related to narrative.  This project will support his dissertation research.  Robert previously earned a BA in political science from UC Davis and a MA in Anthropology from California State University, Hayward.  He lives in San Leandro, CA where he works as an organizational development consultant.